• Shubhangi Verma

Find Out How Coding Affects Your Dating Skills!

The title is strange, right? But true!

Programmers think differently than everyone else does. Not to say that programmers are necessarily smarter, more logical, or more rational than everyone else, as is usually said. But scientists have recently started studying the brains of developers and have come to some interesting conclusions.

Have you ever thought about how coding might help you with dating and even how it may improve your life skills? Well, coding is not just a programming language. It can be called an algorithm that goes well with a human mind also. If you decode the structure of a human mind, it consists of various parts that are developed by practicing to code.

Just as artistry can shape your mind in multiple ways, computer programming also affects your neurological system and cognitive capabilities, perhaps in ways, you may not have even expected. Research by Harvard Business Review states that programmers have better romantic competence. They develop this skill by practicing programming language day in and out. The study throws light on the ability of the human mind to learn from what they perform in their daily lives and that habit then gets into their cognitive behavior and becomes a part of their reflex system.